Tools needed:

  • Torx T15 Screwdriver
  • Jura Oval Security Key (available on eBay)


  • About 5 minutes

Start by removing the water reservoir and the front tray.

Unscrew the two T15 screw located at the back of the machine.

Unscrew the back Jura logo to access the back oval security screw. Press gently on the Jura logo and rotate it counter-clockwise. To open it, you’ll need to rotate it about 10 degrees.

Unscrew the back oval security screw.

Pull up the locking mechanism located.

Move the coffee spout up and unscrew the front oval security screw.

Gently, pull the unscrewed tag out and then down.

Using a plastic opener tool (or your finger) pull down the two front security locks.

Slide the lateral panels to the back.

Now you have access to the water pump, the grinder and the other internals.

To assemble the coffee machine follow the same steps in reverse order.

UPDATE 2017-01-01

To remove the coffee dispensing outlet, gently disconnect the coffee hose, then remove the holding screws.