As many office workers, I got infected with the ‘productivity bug’. I found myself using several types of software daily (or at least weekly) on Mac (that I didn’t use while I was using Linux).

One of these types is task management, represented by OmniFocus, which helps me not to forget different task/errands. For what I use OmniFocus?

  • List of monthly rates I have to pay (car loan, assurance fees)
  • List of important things (utilities) or less important (having a haircut) I have to pay from time to time
  • List of things I’d like to buy in the new future (inline skates, shoes)
  • List of things to do (home errands)

For what I don’t use it?

  • Managing projects, although some projects are written down there, but I don’t work on them much.
  • Grocery store lists. For that I use a small post it on the fridge, where I write what I should not forget to buy on the next trip to grocery store.

Also not to forget dates/meetings/events I use iCal, the build in calendaring software. I prefer this to OmniFocus because it syncs with my iPods and with my mobile phone. OmniFocus can sync some of it’s entries to iCal too. I’ve tried this feature once, but I think I put all my to-dos in one calendar and that it become littered with entries from OmniFocus. On a screencast I’ve seen that you should sync only one of your contexts (e.g. errands) with one of the calendars, not all the contexts with one calendar (as I did).